Funeral Heart



there’s a funeral in my heart

i hold it for you

candle light flickers

and flowers in my room

a life’s worth of grief

comes rushing through

from the belly of the body

i’ve used for a tomb


i couldn’t accept

this stillborn death

so i’d charge myself up

like a defibrillator set

i gave every ounce in me

and even more yet

praying if i was stronger

your needs would be met


but i’m tired and i’m heavy

and i can’t go on living

in the shadow of this fear

oh this fear of your passing

the truth is we lost this

before i could save it

i will no longer bear

what has always been broken


i can’t

i won’t

i am better loved alone


then your spirit left my chest

and mine stepped through the door

her dew drop eyes shining

asking who missed who more?

when she wrapped her arms around me

i fell to the floor

i no longer have to

hold up anymore


welcome home

welcome home

when i let you go

i came home

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