Guided Meditation

I have been trained in a wide variety of meditation styles (Esoteric energy work, Tibetan Buddhist, secular mindfulness, Tantrik, and more), and am available for personal lessons/coaching, studio classes, as well as at events, retreats, or healing group spaces.

Artist’s Circle


Co-Leading an intensive healing circle for creative discovery, recovery, and expansion. Centered around The Artist’s Way, this 13-Week group course guides us into a rich and personal relationship with our inner-artist, as well as learning the function of living/working in Creative Circle.

Details coming soon.

Wisdom Teachings

A long-time student of spirituality, psychology, and the healing arts, I bring a wealth of personal knowledge to my blog, social media writings, and meditations.

Tarot Reading

I’ve been offering readings for over five years, and find the deepest joy in doing so. I work with a deeply intuitive process—guiding the seeker through a guided Light Clearing meditation and intuitive analysis of the spread.


Coaching + Content Marketing

My coaching and marketing services are specifically designed for conscious business development and empowerment. Nothing inspires me more than supporting healing artists in bringing their passions and Life Purpose into the world in an impactful, supported, and clear way. Life wants us to share our creative and spiritual passions, and will support us financially in doing so. I will show you how.


Journal + Poetry

I’m an open book, and the written word has been my direct means of sharing all the lessons and experiences that have accumulated in my heart and getting them out into the world. I write poetry, personal blogs, and articles highlighting learnings on spirituality, Life, Love, and the beauty of the Path.

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Message Danielle for more information or to schedule a session for any of the above services: